What people are saying about Natural Wellness Corner

The testimonials below are from real New Hampshire clients who have worked with Marty in his practice and discovered the benefits of achieving body balance. If you have experienced an improvement after following Marty’s advice and would like to share your success story, fill out our form for our review.

I am very happy, I feel a lot better and I have lost weight and 2 ½ inches off my waist. My leg cramps are gone, I’m not tired, constipation is gone, my nails are growing and my hair is not falling out anymore. I cannot explain in enough words how very happy I am.

Loudon, NH

I was over tired, overweight, and during my annual physical, my doctor found I had a thyroid condition. Then I knew why I was overweight and tired all the time, but how could I get out of this mess? My doctor wrote out a prescription for yet another medication that should fix these problems but might cause problems in a few years. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
Thank you, Marty, for your good advice and guidance. In 3 months you’ve helped me take control of my health again and now I feel great.

Since I started your program, I have been enjoying the following:

  • Renewed energy. After dinner I’m ready to start a project or work on my crafts, etc.
  • My allergies are now under control and I don’t suffer from headaches.
  • I brought my weight down; my clothes fit comfortably again.
  • My doctor was amazed at my thyroid numbers, now well within normal range. She told me to continue with this program.
  • No more estrogen!

The part I really like about this is no crazy, fad diet and no time-consuming exercise routine.

I was a non-believer! Natural and homeopathic remedies couldn’t really help anyone. But now I know better. The calendar says I’m over 50 years old, but I know I’m 30 again.

J. L.
Concord, NH

I endured the pain, nuisance and discomfort of chronic constipation for 30 years. To treat myself, I consumed bran, prunes, fibers and lots of fruits and vegetables. The more calcium, milk products and iron I took, the worse it got. Laxative were of no help whatsoever. My abdomen was bloated.

I began a supplement program under the direction of Marty Donovan, DCN, RPh. It included ground flax seed and ProbioticMAX-22 and lots of water. Within a week I was aware that my bowel habits were changing for the better. After a month of being on this program, I was experiencing regular bowel movements every day and sometimes several a day. The bloating and distension in my abdomen subsided. My sense of well-being and energy are much improved. I am a believer in this total wellness program.

Concord, NH

After years of sporadic trouble with digesting my food, I suddenly became worse. Over the course of 3 months I went from being able to tolerate some food to not being able to tolerate water. My main issue was diarrhea, but it was combined with chills and dry heaving. I went to specialists that could not determine what was wrong. I was hospitalized twice for dehydration. I had every test you can imagine, and still the doctors had no answer. Finally, they were convinced it was my gallbladder and it was removed.
Unfortunately the problem persisted. I was sent to the hospital and after 3 visits and $3000 they concluded it was just something I was going to have to live with. The problem was now amplified because without my gall bladder, not only would certain foods make me sick, but lack of food could send me into an attack. The doctor offered to put me on a medication to control the bile that would make me sick, but the side effect of long term use was liver failure. I was 25 and would have to use this medication long term. It did not seem like a viable option.

My symptoms continued to get worse over the next couple years. I was on a downward spiral I could not stop. Combined with not being able to tolerate my food, I was gaining weight I could not lose, I was tired yet could not sleep, I was cold all the time, and the worst symptom – I didn’t care. I had lost all motivation. Even doing dishes became a chore.

I had read an article about detoxifying your body and how it helps your symptoms get back on track. I had often driven by The Wellness Corner Natural Pharmacy and I decided to stop in. It was the day that would change my life.

When I walked in the door, I wanted to come in, get a detox kit and be on my way. Instead I had a lengthy conversation with Martin Donovan, DCN, RPh. After listening to all of my symptoms, he recommended a health assessment consultation. Of course I was skeptical – if the doctors couldn’t help me, how could Marty do it with natural supplements? And yet, what did I have to lose?

In the first month alone, I was a changed person. Suddenly I had energy that got me through the day and I was able to tolerate at least half of my meals. By the third month, I was able to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes, tolerate all of my meals and I was sleeping through the night. By the fifth month, I was no longer perpetually cold, I was beginning to eat food I hadn’t eaten in 4 years, and I had lost all the weight I had put on. Now, seven months later, I look back on how I was and wonder how I survived. My areas of concern – tired, diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, cold hands/feet, not sleeping, cramps after eating, weight gain – today I do not have a single symptom remaining.

The biggest transformations have come from the tools I was given to make lifestyle changes. I don’t have to take pills the rest of my life because my lifestyle changes, now habits, have resolved this. I can go anywhere at any time and not be concerned about becoming sick. Because I am healthier physically, I am getting stronger emotionally and spiritually. Now instead of being on a downward spiral of barely surviving as a human being, I am on an upward spiral of health and savoring life for all it has to offer. Marty Donovan helped me get my life back.

Northfield, NH