Sleep Balance Quiz

Sleep is essential to good health, but sleep imbalances are common. People may get too little sleep or require too much. This may be due to stress, mood, work or even hormonal imbalances. Lack of good quality sleep causes a reduction in quality of life.

Fill out the quiz below to find out your level of sleep balance. Pick your highest rating for ANY symptom listed.

Can’t fall asleep / replay day’s events preventing sleep
Awaken frequently throughout the night
Wake up at night and can’t fall back to sleep
Restless, uneasy sleeper
Daytime fatigue or sleepiness / tired when driving / accident prone
Problems with concentration or memory
Anxiety / irritability / depression
Work night shift / swing shift
You snore or your partner snores
Some physical symptom diminishes your sleep quality –such as restless legs, muscle pain, night sweats, etc.

Congratulations on finishing your quiz!

You have made the first step to restoring balance in your body!

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1. If you provide your name and email, (we will not sell your email) your quiz results will be scored as Low, Moderate or High level of imbalance and a percentage score will be sent to your email. Having a percentage score allows you to monitor of your progress toward balance over time. Then hit SUBMIT to continue.

2. If you do not provide your name and email, your quiz results will just be scored as Low, Moderate or High level of imbalance. Just hit SUBMIT to continue.