Nutritional Phone Consultation


Nutritional Phone Consultation – 30 minutes: Have a one-on-one phone conversation with our clinical nutritionist, herbalist & pharmacist. Marty Donovan has been seeing clients since 1998 to deal with any health condition from a natural perspective. The goal is to correct imbalances that are producing unwanted symptoms. Just suppressing symptoms will not make you healthy.

This consultation is designed to get your questions answered, whether it’s about some nagging health imbalance that’s been bothering you, or just how to eat in a balanced way, what supplements to use to maintain health, tips on sleeping well naturally, how to get rid of hot flashes or whatever. You will have 30 minutes to discuss whatever topic you would like.

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Once you order the Nutritional Consultation, you will be contacted to schedule your appointment.

If you would like a more in-depth assessment, consider a Health Assessment Consultation.


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