Adrenal Complete 60 Capsules


Adrenal Complete contains growth and repair factors for the adrenals.

The adrenal glands are located atop the kidneys and each consists of a central medulla surrounded by an outer cortex. The medulla produces adrenaline and noradrenaline, two catecholamine hormones which play roles in blood pressure regulation, vascular permeability and blood glucose level maintenance. The cortex produces over thirty corticosteroid hormones which are concerned with sexual functions, sugar metabolism, water/mineral balance and resistance to stress and pain (the glucocorticoid hormones). These glands are regulated by the pituitary and the hypothalamus.

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Why These Natural Ingredients?

Adrenal Concentrate: provides glandular therapy support

Vitamin Blend: Adrenal Complete provides the vitamins and nutrients necessary to restore the integrity of the adrenals.

Schizandra: Schizandra has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine and is regarded as an adaptogenic herb. Schizandra is used to bring balance to the
adrenals and support a general sense of well being.

Rhodiola: Also regarded as an adaptogenic herb, Rhodiola has been used for centuries in Russia to help with fatigue, stress, and to boost immune health.

Ginseng: Siberian ginseng is used to help boost energy levels, decrease fatigue, and improve overall
immune health.

Licorice Root: has a long history of use including adrenal support and inflammation. Licorice root increases the half life of endogenous cortisol.

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 30

Suggested use: 2 capsules 1-2 times daily

Allergen and allergy information for Adrenal Complete ingredients:
-Gluten Free
-Milk Free
-Yeast Free
-Artificial Sweetener Free
-Artificial Color Free
-Artificial Flavor Free
-Preservative Free

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  1. Lena

    This product helped change my life. I struggled for a long time with exhaustion, stress, and shaking hands. Now barely any symptoms remain. I used this along with other products recommended to me by the nutritionist, as well as some of the lifestyle recommendations. It was hard for me at first in the beginning since products like this take time to start to work, but after seeing the dramatic difference a few weeks later I was hooked. I would absolutely recommend this product.

  2. Graham B.

    Adrenal Complete helps restore my energy in conjunction with thyroid therapy after Lyme disease. I highly recommend Adrenal Complete.

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