It’s All About Balance

Most likely, there’s a symptom in your life that’s bothering you.  And you want that symptom gone. You want help – you want to finally feel better.  I can help.

My name is Marty Donovan and I am a clinical nutritionist, pharmacist and herbalist.  In my practice in natural medicine since 1998, I have focused my attention on body imbalances as a way of restoring health, and my clients have reaped the rewards.  My desire is to help you by making available some of the principles I use in my practice to help my clients.

On this site you will find 11 different quizzes you can take for free that will help you possibly identify which of your body systems may be out of balance and be the source of your bothersome symptoms.

Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired??!

Do you feel exhausted all the time?  Maybe you feel irritable or depressed.  Or maybe you suffer from other symptoms – sleep problems, fatigue, constipation, anxiety, headaches, allergies, cold hand & feet, weight gain, weak immune system, hormone imbalances, bone loss, etc. Symptoms like these are like signposts your body is putting up to declare that it is out of balance.

It is important to pay attention to these signs – to listen to your body when it speaks. However, one symptom all by itself doesn’t tell a story.  But the presence of many symptoms, if looked at correctly, does tell a story – the story of which body system is out of balance.

It is Easier to Stay Well Than Get Well!!

The goal is to correct imbalances that are producing unwanted symptoms. Just suppressing symptoms will not make you healthy.  Once your body is back in balance, the symptoms of that imbalance usually go away.  And by being proactive in maintaining that balance, symptoms will stay away.  It doesn’t take as much effort to maintain balance as it does to restore balance.  Remember, it is easier to stay well than get well.

On the Home Page you will find a list of free quizzes and a brief description of the types of symptoms each one deals with.  You may find that you see your symptoms under more than one quiz.  Feel free to take any or all of them!

Once you take a quiz, it will be graded immediately.  You will receive one of 3 grades: mild/low level, moderate/medium level, severe/high level.  You will also be given some lifestyle and supplement recommendations. These will be based on the level of your quiz results and will help you get to work on rebalancing your body.

You will also be advised which other quizzes you might want to take.  The body is an interplay of many systems – when one is out of balance, others are involved, too. Taking other quizzes can be helpful in balancing those systems, too

The lifestyle and supplement recommendations will be available immediately after your quiz is graded.  It will also be automatically sent to the email address you provided.  You will be provided with a link to our store to see and purchase the products that have been recommended.

Take the 3 Month Challenge

When you receive the grading of your quiz and the recommendations, you should start making the recommended lifestyle changes and take the recommended supplements for 3 months. You may have been out of balance a long time, suffering with symptoms.  Do yourself a favor and take this 3 month challenge – you will hopefully be amazed at the results!  You can even monitor your own progress at rebalancing your body.  Just come back to our site, retake any quiz, and compare your new results with your prior results.  You can do this as often as you would like.

Get Started!

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