Adrenal Balance Long Quiz

The adrenal glands are extremely important to the wellbeing of your body. When the adrenals are out of balance your health will suffer. The adrenals help your body cope with any type of stress. Prolonged stress causes the adrenal glands to work harder, leading to a reduction in their ability to function properly.

Fill out the quiz below to find out your level of adrenal balance. Pick your highest rating for ANY symptom listed.

Trouble waking up in the morning
Need caffeine to get the day started
Insomnia / restless sleep / trouble falling asleep / wake up and can’t fall back to sleep / work night shift or swing shift
Fall asleep as soon as head hits the pillow
Fatigue / tiredness not relieved by sleep
Emotional upset causes complete exhaustion
Strong drive followed by complete exhaustion
If you miss a meal , you feel tired, irritable, nervous, have foggy thinking or get blurred vision
Sugar or carbs cause energy boost then drop (sugar highs and lows)
Afternoon energy slump
Easily fatigued / cannot tolerate much exercise / run out of energy
Feel weak and/or shaky
Weak muscles / less strength than in the past
Skip meals
Crave sweets / bread / carbs / alcohol
Like or crave salt / salt food without tasting
Feel stressed / under excessive stress / unrelieved pressure at work or home
Less able to handle stressful situations
All work, little play / burning the candle at both ends
Apathy / hopelessness/ feel overwhelmed / despair
Anxiety / panic / nervousness / worry / unexplained fears
Short temper, get angry or irritated more easily than in the past
Depression / mood swings
Perfectionist / set high standards
Easily startled / heart pounds from unexpected noises
Heart palpitations / heart seems to skip a beat or have extra beats
Allergies – food and/or environmental
Dark circles under the eyes
Eyes sensitive to bright light / need to wear sunglasses when others don’t
Sensitive to smells – smoke, smog, perfumes, chemicals, fabric store odors, etc
Dizzy or lightheaded when getting up or bending over / low blood pressure
Lack of mental alertness or clarity / confusion
Poor memory / failing memory / forgetful
Nervous stomach / digestion problems / indigestion / feel bloated or fullness in abdomen
Constipation / periodic constipation / diarrhea / periodic diarrhea
Tend to gain weight, especially around the waist
Water retention / edema / swollen ankles / puffy fingers or toes
Headaches / migraine headaches
Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing at times / asthma / wheezing / bronchitis / chronic cough
Catch colds, flu or respiratory infections easily
Slow to recover from colds flu or infections / symptoms linger
Frequently feel cold / have cold hands or feet
Sex drive is less than it used to be / lack of interest in sex
Inflammation of: joints, nerves, connective tissue, sinuses, gums, skin (such as rashes, eczema)
Lower back pain / pain in area of kidneys
Excessive thirst or urination
Varicose veins / hemorrhoids
Thin, dry skin
Feel that your hormones are out of balance

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You have made the first step to restoring balance in your body!

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