About Natural Wellness Corner

Martin S. Donovan, BS, R.Ph., DCN, Dip. Herb.
Pharmacist, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist

Martin S. Donovan, BS, R.Ph., DCN, Dip. HerbMarty has been the owner and pharmacist at The Medicine Store Pharmacy in Concord, NH since 1982. After graduating with a B.S. in Pharmacy from Northeastern University with high honors in 1977, he practiced in community pharmacy for 5 years before purchasing his pharmacy. Then in 2001, he opened The Wellness Corner Natural Pharmacy.

Around 1995 he became concerned about the increasing number of people who were mixing natural medicine products, such as herbs, with their prescription drugs, without professional guidance. He was being asked questions by his customers about the proper use of natural medicine products and if there were interactions with prescription medicines. Unfortunately, neither doctors nor pharmacists are trained in the area of natural medicine. Not only did he not have answers for these questions, it was very difficult to find good answers easily, back in 1995. Therefore, he began the process of obtaining additional training in the area of natural medicine. He has received a Diploma of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) and a Diploma in Herbology (Dip. Herb.). He has also attended hundreds of hours of classroom training under some of the foremost authorities in natural medicine.

Along the way in his journey in natural medicine education, he gained the insight that natural medicine is not just about using a natural product, instead of a synthetic product, to treat a symptom.

The natural approach is to look “behind the scenes” into the whole person for the reason the symptom is there.

The symptom is not the problem; it is just an indicator that something is out of balance.

By looking at symptoms in groups, rather than individually, the system of the body that is out of balance may be revealed. For example, if someone has fatigue, but also has cold hands and feet, extra body weight and poor quality of hair, skin and nails, then the thyroid will be an important system to concentrate on.

Or if the person with fatigue also has a short temper, anxiety and can’t tolerate chemical smells, then the adrenal glands will need work. By working to correct the underlying problem with diet, exercise and nutritional supplements, balance may be restored and symptoms often disappear.

Marty also uses a variety of lab work to help identify an imbalance or verify a course of action. Some of the labs which are available include: Adrenal Stress (saliva test), Female Hormones (saliva test), Male Hormones (saliva test), Toxic Minerals (hair test), Bone Loss (urine test), Vitamin D-3 (blood), and Delayed Food Allergies – IgG (blood).

Marty has been meeting with clients since 1998 and currently sees clients by appointment for in-depth health assessments. His appointments can be done in-person and by phone.

Natural Wellness Corner can help people who are “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”
and have conditions such as:

  • acne
  • allergies
  • anxiety/panic
  • asthma
  • autism
  • chronic bladder infections
  • high blood pressure
  • BPH
  • chronic bronchitis
  • high cholesterol
  • chronic constipation
  • chronic diarrhea
  • digestive problems
  • eczema
  • edema
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • multiple chemical sensitivity
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • low energy levels
  • erectile dysfunction
  • fibromyalgia
  • gout
  • chronic headache
  • chronic heartburn
  • hypoglycemia
  • weak immune system
  • inflammatory bowel
  • insomnia
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • leaky gut syndrome
  • loss of libido (men and women)
  • menopause
  • migraines
  • nail fungus
  • neuropathy
  • osteoporosis
  • osteoarthritis
  • overweight
  • PMS
  • psoriasis
  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • chronic sinusitis
  • smoking cessation
  • underactive thyroid
  • tinnitus (ringing ears)
  • high triglycerides
  • chronic yeast (candidiasis)
  • and many, many more

Every health condition will be helped by an integrated holistic (whole body) approach

He deals with people of all ages and will take into consideration any prescriptions a person may be using, to make sure there are no interactions or contraindications. His clients typically experience a dramatic improvement in their “quality of life” in a very short time and usually are able to avoid starting a new prescription medication or, as the body achieves balance, some or all of their prescription medications may be decreased or discontinued by their medical prescriber.

If you desire more health or supplement information than you received with your quiz results, or would like one-on-one guidance, you may speak directly with Martin Donovan, clinical nutritionist, for a fee. Below are 2 options.